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Lily's Kitchen at Naughty Mutt Nice in Henley On Thames

You can find a large range of Lily's Kitchen products at Naughty Mutt Nice in Henley-On-Thames UK.

Lily's Kitchen at Naughty Mutt Nice in Henley On Thames

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Our recipes are all made with the very best natural, nutritious ingredients so that you can serve up an irresistible, nourishing meal to your four-legged friend every single day.

We’re very particular about what goes into our proper food and that’s why we insist on using top notch ingredients. Our recipes contain proper meat, wholesome fruit and veg, herbs, vitamins, minerals… and absolutely no cheap fillers or nasties whatsoever.


Proper food means proper ingredients. You won’t even find a whiff of meat meal in our recipes. We only use proper meat and fish in our meals because, for your pet, proteins are essential for good muscle and healthy tissue growth. Proper meat is also easier to digest than processed meat meal and other rendered meats, which means fewer upset tummies.

All of our meat and fish is fresh or freshly prepared. Variety is key to a balanced diet so a wonderful range of meat and fish helps us to create a choice of delicious recipes, packed with the very best nutrition for your pet.


Dogs are natural omnivores which means they like to eat both meat and veg. About 20-30% of a complete, balanced diet for your pooch should come from plants.

Our scrumptious fruit and vibrant veg are full of antioxidants, and are a great source of minerals, vitamins and fibre. As well as being super healthy and nutritious, they’re naturally very tasty too.


We carefully choose a selection of naturally nutritious herbs - flowers, roots and leaves - to best complement our wholesome recipes. For instance, marigold petals have a brilliant antioxidant action and rosehips are rich in vitamin C. Burdock root contains valuable vitamins and minerals, while golden rod blooms are great for all round health. These, and other tasty herbs all help to bring wonderful variety into your pet’s daily diet.



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