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Our Story

KAROLE ROBERTSON is the proprietor of Naughty Mutt Nice. Previously she ran a similar business, Paws 4 Applause, from her home in Twyford. Karole was born and raised in Santa Catarina in Brazil, where she graduated from university with a degree in hotel management.

When I came to England I lived in London and worked in hospitality and events. I also did a course in PR and marketing at the University of London. In 2010 I moved to Berkshire, the house I lived in had a workshop in the garden that was a perfect place to groom my Westie, Brian. I went on a dog grooming course in Windsor and started Paws 4 Applause from home in 2011. When I learned that Naughty Mutt Nice was available in 2017 I jumped at the opportunity to take over the business. Since then I participate in various dog grooming competitions and grooming seminars, across the country.


I am a member of PIF Pet Federation Industry, British Dog Groomers Association and International Professional Groomers Inc. I have obtained The Higher Diploma  in Dog Grooming, and I am currently undertaking Learning Skills Mentor Level 4, as a continued professional development plan to add a little extra for my clientele. 


As well as me, we have four more groomers in our team. Tilly, the salon manager, who started as an apprentice in 2016, has quickly grown within the company. Tilly has achieved her Dog Grooming Level 3 Certificate and is currently studying Team Leader Supervisor Level 3. Erin and Kattlin who are working towards their Dog Grooming Level 3 Certification.


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