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A Welsh Terrier Was Crowned The Queen Of Our 8th Halloween Dog Parade

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

A Welsh Terrier was crowned the queen of our 8th Halloween Dog Parade at Market Place aka Falaise Square in Henley-On-Thames.

Thank you all very much for making our little dog parade event so special!!! Your dogs looked frightfully awesome and we loved every single one!

Congratulation to the winners:

🎃 1st place - Ruby the Welshie as Sully

🎃 2nd place - Izzy the Havanese as a black spider

🎃 Public’s Choice - Olive and Pippa, Dachshund as witches


Thanks to Henley Town Council for making this possible.

Thanks to our supporter’s for the generous gifts.

Thank you to @henleyherald for coming down and taking pictures.

Thanks to the talented photographer Janie Critchley for the great shots.

Thanks to Daise Kitchen for trusting us with your gazebo.

Special thanks for the team naughty mutt nice Tilly, Kattlin and Erin for being on board and delivering it! And to @jtm997James McEwen and @josie_rose30 Josie Lambourne for your amazing work!!







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